Make AI safe, reliable and secure

Our mission is to build software that makes AI safe, robust and reliable so that our customers trust their AI, ship AI products more frequently and realize the full potential impact of AI on their organization.

This is a huge opportunity

As the capacity of AI expands, so does its potential impact across a growing range of applications. But if AI is uncertain, unpredictable or unsafe, your teams won’t deploy it – or will deploy it with significant risk. Without better AI testing, your teams are signing up for risk or only scratching the surface of their AI potential. AI testing is a critical step toward feeling confident applying AI to your exploding variety of use cases.

We have a passionate team

We are a dedicated team of AI researchers, software engineers and customer-driven leaders who are serious about solving customer problems, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. In combination with our customers, investors, partners and technology, our team has a unique opportunity to make AI safe, robust and reliable.

We believe quality is part of the process, not a last thought
We grow by sharing and building on each other’s ideas
We constantly recalibrate to maximize our output and impact
We proactively acquire new information to update our priors
We listen to, learn from, and solve problems for our customers
We seek feedback, teach often, learn from others, and ask for help

We support each other

Each of our values is a choice and comes with a deliberate tradeoff. There is no free lunch. Underlying these values is the notion that the first step to taking care of our customers is taking care of ourselves. We offer fully paid benefits, your choice of technology setup and competitive compensation, among other perks to set you up for success. If this sounds like the place for you, let us know!